Engineered Heavy Services

We provide solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures.

Trusted Lifting Solutions

Engineered Heavy Services LLC is a global leader in the heavy lift and transport industry. Experience and on-site custom fabrication combined with some of the best engineers and project managers in the world give EHS an edge that sets the standards around the world.

  • EHS Does it All

    Engineered Heavy Services LLC owns and operates a wide variety of unique equipment specifically designed to meet industrial needs in the area of heavy and over-sized transportation and lifting.

  • No Job is Too Big

    Since 1989, EHS has made over 400 load outs, discharges, lifts or shifts of partly or fully assembled container and shipyard cranes. They have launched 12 vessels up to 3,400 tonnes, and have completed over 1,000 heavy lift projects in 26 countries and on four continents.

  • Experience 

    EHS developers have been providing engineering, equipment, and supervision, to accomplish heavy lift and transport projects in the United States and throughout the world since 1976.

  • Name
  • Saving Time & Money

    EHS automatically seeks out the best solution to meet our client's needs, which may include subcontracting to other specialty contractors, leasing equipment from others, or fabricating equipment unique to the project.

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