You’ve heard that even a small business needs a Web Presence, but if you are just a barista with a tiny drive-up coffee stand, how important is SEO Marketing in Seattle?

The short answer is, probably a lot more important than you can imagine! We don’t have to look very far to realize that Seattle residents were leaders in the Jet and Space Age industries, and we’ve kept that position into Information Age. Yet in many ways, we are still a timber, shipping, and fishing town looking for a chance to work hard, and play hard when we’re done.

New Ways To Find Information

As leading city of the Information Age, we need to come to grips with the way people are getting their information. Think about the guy in the second car in line, there at your coffee shop. While he is fumbling for enough change for an Iced Latte with an extra espresso shot, he may be wondering what the score of the Mariner’s game is.

He could retune his car radio to KIRO, but he is more likely to pull out his smartphone and check there. If he is still looking for change he may ask you, and you would check for him on your mobile device.

Of course most searching is done on desk and laptop computers. Although mobile media marketing will continue to grow in importance, the most important audience, the ones who are ready to make the decision to buy your product of service, will be sitting in front of a full sized screen and keyboard. Because they are ready to make that decision, your marketing job will be nearly done for you.

Inside the Magic World Of Google

The trick is, just like any marketing situation, to get them to notice your product.

They will probably find it in a search, and a search usually means Google. In many ways, Google is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. Sometimes the public gets a glimpse of what is going on inside the Google Campus, like ordering ping-pong tables for board meetings or underwriting a pizza day for the entire office staff.

We know that serious work goes on inside Google, because some pretty serious product comes out. That product is plain and simple information, but it is usually the information we are looking for, somehow.

How Does SEO Marketing Work?

SEO  is all about optimizing your website so that the people who are interested in your product will find it. For a long time, people who “do” Search Engine Optimization have acted as though their job was to trick Google into getting their site higher in the ratings. The attitude is changing. Experts within this craft are finding they get better results by working with Google than trying to trick them.

The first thing in working with is to understand how Google does a search. Although we have compared Google to the Chocolate Factory, they don’t have Oompa-Loompas. Google has spiders.

It Works By Working With Google Search

Google doesn’t really search the web, Google indexes the web, and then searches their Index. The spiders are little robots that run all over the web, looking for pages. When they find a page, they read and record everything on it, especially any links on the page.

The spiders will then run down all the links, read and record, find and follow more links, and move on. With enough spiders, soon Google will have a huge chunk of the Internet indexed.

When you enter a search query into the Google search block and press enter, the words that you’ve entered are compared to each page in the index. Believe it or not, it only takes about half a second. Depending on the word, that can mean a whole bunch of pages! How will your potential customers find your page out of that mess?

How will Google Find the Page I Am Marketing to Seattle Customers?

Google, the corporation, is dedicated to their end-user’s experience.

They run the search results through a well developed algorithm and ask it several questions about your search. Among the questions will be how many times the searched words appear on the page, and are they in the title. The algorithm also checks to see how “important” and “relevant” a page is. In part, this is decided by how many other pages link to the page, how “good” the links are, and how “valuable” the pages that send the links are.

It all sounds complicated, but it really happens in the blink of an eye. Marketing and SEO  is simply a matter of setting everything up so that the spiders find your pages, and the Google algorithm likes what it sees.

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