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seattle web design When you think about SEO, you likely consider keywords, conversion rates and traffic. But what’s just as important is the design of your site. Web design affects every aspect of your web presence and greatly impact your SEO, branding and conversion rates. The aesthetics of your website can be the difference between a potential customer accepting or rejecting you. Even if you offer unmatched products or services and informative content, poor web design will send site visitors fleeing and they won’t transact with you.

Seattle SEO Consultant offers affordable cutting web design services to improve the look and performance of your site – while improving your SEO.

Web design trends

Users prefer websites that meet their demands and have aesthetic appeal, but these preferences change fairly frequently. You must balance user wants with search engine requirements to ensure that you don’t sacrifice page rank when you tweak design. Two current trends to consider are parallax design and adaptive design. Parallax design is the use of long scrollable page with shifting hero images that allow users to view your content on one longer page.

However, if you shift all your content to that one scrolling page, your page rank can suffer by pushing your critical keywords to just one page. To balance this, if you migrate to a user-friendly parallax set-up, you need to offer content on other pages that are easy to access from the main scrolling page. The second important trend is adaptive design. This is the ability to effectively scale your web page to fit the smaller screens of tablet and smart phones and now directly impacts how your site ranks.

Seattle SEO Consultant will ensure your site appeals to users while optimizing your SEO results.

How web design affects SEO

The ultimate goal of your web presence is to gain attention for your brand. Whether you sell products, offer services or operate as a non-profit. This is accomplished through SEO – and web design must service that goal. Design trends come and go and you need not be on the cutting edge of web design to drive traffic to your site, but you should be contemporary. A site that’s obviously dated will generate a higher bounce rate and fewer conversions.

Effective web design encourages viewers to stay and check out your content, browse your offerings and, ultimately, choose to transact with you. Google now ranks sites higher whose web design is adaptive to smaller devices. This and many other aspects of web design impact SEO including:

  • Page count – The latest scrolling designs will decrease the number of pages on your site which is great for viewers, but will lower your page rank because search engines like lots of pages. We design with both in mind. Master scrolling navigation satisfies site visitors while supporting pages of content allow deeper exploration and enrich your page rank.
  • Graphics heavy design – Graphics are food for the eye, but it’s the written word that allows Google and other search engines to index your site and assess it for page rank. Using the latest design tools allow your site to be both attractive and effective. Seattle SEO Consultant’s design services take this into account to ensure visual appeal with keywords and copy to drive SEO.
  • Proper coding – The coding and mechanics of your site are not obvious to your site visitor, if done well, but are the core of web design and critical to SEO. The latest version of HTML, coded with skill is a must. Our team of technical experts will ensure your site runs flawlessly and is tagged and coded properly to appeal to search engines.
  • Current content – One thing that hasn’t changed is that content is king. A blog is important to web design and SEO. This is an area where site visitors and search engines agree – they both love well-written and current content. Our team can set up your blog, our talented writers can create articles for you or, if you like, we can optimize what you write.

Contact Seattle SEO Consultant today to schedule a free web design consultation. We’ll assess what’s working well and where your website is falling short. Then we show you exactly how we can tweak or redesign your website to please your customers, improve your visibility, search engine rankings and, bottom line, increase your profits. Click to schedule or call (425) 246-7897.