PPC Management & Campaign Consultation

The Processppc services seattle

We increase your website traffic with highly targeted, relevant prospects while eliminating all wasted spend in your campaigns. The focus is on increasing your revenues and maximizing your investment. We begin managing your AdWords campaigns within 12 hours of sign-up. For the next several weeks, we monitor, test, and adjust both the campaigns and landing pages to make sure you’re getting the best return possible.

What to Expect

Expect results quickly. Calls and appointments to begin immediately. The volume will begin to increase as we dial in your campaigns. We usually calculate ROI in terms of the Cost per Acquisition (CPA). We learn as we go and constantly improve this cost of acquisition of new customers by improving the quality score to get more impressions, improving the ads to get more clicks, improving the landing page and on page experience to increase the conversion rate and thus delivering more customers per advertising dollar.

Hidden Benefits

PPC marketing an excellent way to attract instant, targeted traffic & sales to your website. It’s also ideal for tracking and testing different offers and landing pages created through the marketing process from impression to sale. We provide you with the data and metric evaluation to get the most out of your marketing campaigns yielding higher conversion rates and sales successes.
We test extensively when buying keywords with PPC and find the highest converting and profit terms. We optimize those keywords in organic search for the landing pages they are directed to.

Highly Profitable Campaigns

Our customers have seen an average year over year growth rate of 68% and much of this success is due to our expertise in PPC keyword advertising. When Adwords is set up right, it is highly profitable

Proper Account Structure & Set Up – Your Adwords & PPC accounts should be set up following the 80/20 rule. This enables you to see your most profitable terms & ads and focus on them. This brings in the highest profits and also gives you the needed information to optimize your website & pages even further for SEO.

The Right Keywords – If you target broad keywords like ‘cars’ in your pay per click marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder you aren’t achieving any results. The right keywords matter because it makes all the difference in attracting the right prospects to your website. We will complete detailed keyword and competition research to insure you get the right visitors; prospects that want to buy your products or services.

Quality Matters – Google gives each keyword a Google Quality Score based on several factors relating to the content on your website and how you are marketing your products and services. The better your score is, the less you will pay per click. You could be paying too much for clicks right now simply because you have a low Google Quality Score. The best way to improve your keyword quality scores is by matching the content in your ads and campaigns with the content on your site.

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages – The page your prospect lands on from your Adwords ad needs to match their expectations and further their goals if you expect them to convert by calling your business or requesting a quote etc. Your pages also need to be very relevant to the search terms/phrases you are bidding in Adwords. This helps again with quality score, lower cost per click and increased ad impression share.

Conversion Tracking & Testing – You’ll never create a profitable pay per click marketing campaign unless you make tracking and testing a priority. You need to know which of your ads convert and which ads don’t, or else you’ll empty your bank account instead of making a huge profit.