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  • You earn your place on the search engine results pages (SERPS).
  • Without an SEO plan, your online business is at risk.

Earn Your Search Engine Results

There’s your website, a little speck of light in a digital ocean of darkness. You feel alone and isolated, and it’s understandable considering that you’re poorly connected, and therefore rarely visited.

You may not feel connected, but you are. By default, the internet is not a close-knit culture though, the space between you and your neighbors is vast. To be found, you need search engines to index your website and position you in proper context to be found by your ideal customers.

search engine optimization seoWithout attention from a major search engine, you may as well be an anonymous stranger on an unknown island, in an ocean of nowhere. Your customers’ money won’t find you if no one knows who or where you are. At best, you’ll see an occasional visitor, random money in a bottle, with no long term return value.

You can’t sit by and hope that a machine will understand what your business is about and who your target customers are. You can’t rely on indexing from search engines to effortlessly bridge the gaps between you and the customers you wish to relate to.

  • You need to know how you get your results and why customers see you in their search results.
  • You need to know why Google ranks you on page one and how you can maintain your status.
  • Your ranking on Google is not a gift, it’s a position you earn.

Your online presence is part of your business, so don’t risk your business transactions on blind luck. You control your business, so keep control of your online presence too.

Your SEO Business Plan

dashboardSearch engines are an online necessity, given the constant high demand by millions of internet searchers worldwide. The search engines enforce policies, the leeches find loopholes, and the cycle repeats. For years, this has been the pattern, but with recent advancements in semantic search and the development of the Google Knowledge Graph, scandalous attempts to game search results are becoming less and less effective.

The internet, like every human society, breeds predators. Online, you encounter those who live by leeching profits from a thriving society. Those trying to game the search results are bad for business. The search engines are aware of this, but they are in the business of offering meaningful answers to customer queries. Lots of customer queries (over 2 trillion in 2013 alone: 2,161,530,000,000searches according to Statistic Brain), resulting in high profits worth fighting to sustain.

To survive online, you can blindly follow the bear principle (when running from a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest, just not the slowest), or you can actively outsmart, neutralize, and disengage the offender.

The major search engines are money making beasts who fear no bear. They are evolving to better organize information and display meaningful results in context of individual user intent. Google bots are now a unified system, demanding professional respect for SEO efforts to be effective.

search engine optimization network securityThe acronym SEO stands for search-engine-optimization, but it’s often wrongly associated with the leeches looking for loopholes in the search engines. Much like the term “hacker” has evolved from digital mischief to network security, the term “SEO” is evolving from search shortcuts to social integrity.

Some people will attempt to game the system, and get results… sometimes. These are not SEOs worthy of the job title. Your business deserves professionals with a controlled approach to search, SEOs who measure results by long term success and professional acceptance.

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You build a business on long term dedication and consistency, so hold control of your online presence to the same high standards. Your SEO performance is measured by the quality of traffic your website receives and how many of those visitors convert as paying customers.

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