Social Media Management Services

social media management services sscThe world of marketing has changed dramatically in the last five years. It’s difficult for some to imagine a world without Facebook or Twitter, when in fact, those services were created quite recently.

In order to have a solid web presence, businesses are starting to realize the necessity of having dedicated social media accounts operated by dedicated social media experts. Potential clients aren’t just using search engines any longer – many of the world’s leading companies get a significant quantity of traffic directly from social media mentions.

Experts and Social Media

experts social mediaIt might seem like a simple thing to have an employee updating a Twitter account or Facebook page every day or two. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to cut it. Managing a social media presence demands a level of engagement that can’t be achieved with half-hearted updates and occasional insights.

The successful social media moguls are brimming with personality – the kind of personality that inspires, excites, or amuses readers. Social media is filled with amateurs trying to do this just for the sake of. Getting attention as a business can be even harder. It takes a special sort of interaction for people to start and keep paying attention to business accounts. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned.

We offer a number of different packages meant to achieve different levels of social media penetration. Likewise, we have different options meant to allow for greater client control of their media presence – collaborative content creation will help you guide your message.

The Social Media Audit

social media auditIf you’re not sure you need any help with social media management, but you wouldn’t mind an expert option, we offer a one-time social media audit. You’ll receive a video evaluation of our entire online presence. It will tell you exactly where you are relative to your competitors.

You’ll be walked through our findings and told everything you’re doing right and everything you’re doing wrong. The video will also contain some suggestions for how to get your online presence to the level you desire.

Social Media Work Flow

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a social media consultant, don’t wait to do so. Our streamlined work flow allows us to deliver results as quickly as possible. To give you an idea of what to expect with our social media services Seattle, here is how we break down the process:

  • Create an invoice/receive funding
  • Create communication accounts for Key Business People in Basecamp (our project management suite)
  • We’ll have an in-depth phone consultation outlining strategy
  • The month 1 strategy will be set-up and approved, and implemented upon approval
  • Bi-weekly progress reports
  • Bi-weekly phone check-ins
  • Increased online visibility, improved client relationships, lead generation, and brand awareness

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