Video Production Packages with Custom Results

Video Production Lets You Climb to New Heights

Good Video Production Lets You Climb to New Heights

It’s been long understood that images capture attention. Magazines, tabloids, newspapers, and even books are sold, every day, based on how eye-catching they are. The same has not always been true of the internet. Poor design, over-use of pictures, pictures to replace content, and above all, the restrictions of early bandwidth – all of these things can stand in the way of conveying a message. However, as time has progressed, video has become an important aspect of web design and SEO. Text can’t convey everything, and even sharp graphics can’t always demonstrate your company’s personality, or give voice to your products. Industry experts have estimated that incorporating effective, informative videos can increase your conversion rates by 30% or more.

Video is an excellent tool to:

  • Enhance a customer’s ability to understand and relate to an offering.
  • Demonstrate unique features and benefits that may defy conventional text.
  • Engage with the customer on a more personal level.
  • Highlight product versatility, ease of multiple uses, and general product purposes.

Not only does a video need to give the right information, it has to present it in a way that represents the professionalism of your company. Everyone can tell the difference between well-produced TV commercial and one made on almost no budget, with little rehearsal, and no post-production. Internet video is no different. Our team of experts will walk you through the process of creating high quality video, from pre-production, straight through day-of filming and final editing.

There are three standard video packages designed to meet the budgets of different clients. We’re also willing to negotiate custom packages based on need. The price of each package, and in the end, the negotiated value of any custom package, is based on the types of equipment needed for filming (camera, lighting, teleprompter, etc.) and the amount of time involved. We generally break each project into three parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. Which package you choose dictates how long we’ll have to devote to each of these steps.

Bronze Video Production Package – $1800.00

The bronze package is best suited to feature one or two people talking about a company, product, or service Primary scripting is left to you, though we’ll gladly review your ideas and offer suggestions. Following that, you’re given up to four hours of on-site shooting, eight hours of editing, and integration of your company’s logo into the final video. Basic graphics may also be included.

Here is an example video

Silver Video Production Package – $2500.00

The silver video package contains everything in the bronze package, but allows more time for scripting, shooting, and editing. This additional time allows for increased complexity in the video – the use of different angles, more elaborate graphics, or other visual aids that will enhance the viewer’s experience.

Here is an example video

Gold Video Production Package – $3500.00

The gold package is for those who really want to engage their viewers. It includes custom script writing, up to a full day of shooting at up to two locations, animated graphics to illustrate your product’s value, and extensive editing. The added locations and animations will draw in your viewers while the fine-tuning of our script writers helps you convey your message.

Here is an example video

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