Don’t Wait! Today Is The Day!

Web Presence is important to all businesses today.

Whether your business has an established website or you are just entering the world of Internet marketing, there are important concepts and methods which can make the difference between an effective campaign an a low-ranked, largely ignored website.

Step 1

You’ve already taken the first step: exploring your options to enhance your web presence. You’re already curious, and now it’s our job to help get you the information you need. The best way to do that is to offer you a free, 30 minute phone consultation. You can click here to schedule a time, or you can call 425-246-7897. It’s free, and you’ll walk away with a better idea what marketing on the internet is like, what’s involved, and how we can work with your business. Before the consultation begins, our experts will review your internet presence and website and identify anything that might be lacking.

Step 2

Some important things will happen on the phone. We’ll discuss the nature of your business, what your long-term goals are, and what steps can be taken to get there. Not every business is the same, so we’ll talk about what custom measures will be taken to insure your success. At this point, any questions you have about the nature of search engine ranking will be answered. Finally, we’ll talk about the different analytical tools we’ll use to measure the impact of new marketing efforts. We prefer to do this over the phone because the conversations tend to be more organic than email exchanges allow. To learn more about the free consultation, click here.

Step 3

After hearing about our suite of services, you’ll be given some time, and guidance, in choosing what is right for your business. We’ll discuss the payment options available, any payment plans required, and figure out, based on your budget and our rates, what we can do to best help you. It’s our goal to help your business succeed – how we get there is what we have to work out.

Step 4

Results: You’re on your way to the top of the search engines, but our role doesn’t have to end there. If you aren’t seeing the turn-around in visitors that you’re hoping for, we offer web design and user experience engineering as well. Being the number one result isn’t always going to be enough, but it’s an excellent start.

No one understands better than we do that attractive, high quality web design and content will appeal to the Search Engines and attract viewers. Attracting and engaging viewers is just the first step in converting them into customers or clients.

For ourselves, we find the best way to make that final step is with a very personal, “hands on” interaction. That is why we are offering a Free 30 minute consultation with marketing expert Chad Morgan. Remember that this is a Consultation, not a sales call. The purpose will be to discuss your business and how to improve your Web Presence. Call today to schedule.

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