Our Seattle SEO services are more than magic. The project requires good communication and excellent review – your web team will have to go through several steps alongside us to insure that content is being produced and posted, and that the posting is making a difference. To help everyone prepare, we have the following information available on how our SEO projects usually transpire.

  • Invoice Created/Project Funded

It’s an industry best practice to avoid leaping into a project without some kind of escrow funding. This protects both our team and our clients. There are horror stories of clients who simply refuse to pay, and an equal or greater number of SEO groups that don’t deliver what they promise. This approach hopefully reduces that issue for both parties.

  • Create Accounts for Key Business People in Basecamp

Basecamp is our project management system of choice. Creating accounts for the staff at your company will help your people keep track of our progress. We use it primarily to stay organized and keep up on our target objectives. However, our clients are also able to comment on content as it comes in, making it an ideal system for web design, content creation, and SEO projects alike.

  • In-depth Phone Call to Discuss Keywords and Demographics

During this phone call, we’ll discuss some of your long-term goals and how best to meet them. Focusing on your target audience is the best place to start – we’ll talk about who is already visiting your site, and who you want to visit your site that isn’t. From there, we can talk about specific keywords that you want to improve your ranking on.

  • Initiation of a Crawl of Your Website

This is a process that takes about seven days to complete. It mimics the way search engines crawl through your website – meaning it will give us an idea what keywords are being pulled and what errors are being made that can damage your search ranking.

  • Website Analysis / Keyword Research

During this phase, we’ll be looking closely at your website content and how it relates to the organic keyword searches that lead to your site. We’ll consider the keyword conversation from the previous phone call and analyze what will need to happen, both in terms of changes to your site and SEO content, in order to improve your ranking on the keywords we’ve discussed.

  • Call to Review Findings

We try very hard to keep all of our work transparent. Once we’ve come to some conclusions, we’ll call you to discuss them. From there, we can rework some of our strategies, or you can double check our findings. In either case, this step serves as an update – we want to keep you in the loop wherever possible.

  • Content Pages Written and On-Site Issues Corrected

When the crawler analysis comes back, it will likely highlight some places your website should be improved to increase your search ranking. Our team of writers will rework your content to be better accepted by search engines. At this stage we may also pass a series of agreed upon keywords on to our writers for use later.

  • Design Suggestions for Better Click Through

Our web and user experience designers will also be examining your site. Sometimes, even basic modifications can lead to significant increases in sales closure. Seattle SEO has a lot of experience working to get users to move from page impression to purchase. We always use that experience to benefit our clients.

  • Strategies for Ongoing Content

A huge benefit for any website is ongoing content. We may elect to add a sort of blog system, or some other form of dynamic page – a series of company updates, news on projects, or even announcements about new services. We often use Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal to accomplish this. Ongoing content helps keep your website fresh for search engines, and links to brand new content make your site appear vibrant. If you want to be responsible for the updates, that can be arranged, or we can assign a member (or members) of our writing team to pay specific attention to your site.

  • Establishment of Key Performance Indicators

There are any number of analytics suites at our disposal. Based on your business and how our design and SEO teams want to promote your page, different indicators will be used. Once these are in place, we can start assessing how well our service is working. If it’s performing poorly, we can adjust our strategies to compensate.

  • Implementation of a Link Building Strategy

Link building is one of the core facets of SEO. Depending on your business, our content writers will submit articles to any number of indexing sites. Embedding links to your website’s content will help increase the reputation of the site in the eyes of major search engines. Changes in Google indexing and other search engines have negatively impacted the content farms used by other SEO groups. The people writing index pages for your site will be doing more than mere nonsense for the sake of a link. They are professional writers – not just SEO writers.

  • Weekly Progress Reports

Once all of these practices are enacted, you will receive weekly progress reports collated from our analytical staff. They will include numbers on how your site is responding to different keyword searches, how your website ranks generally, how many organic searches for your website there are, and how all of these numbers relate to customer click through and closed sales.

  • Ongoing Analysis for New Keyword Opportunities

Establishing yourself under a handful of keywords isn’t always going to be enough. The language used to discuss most topics has a way of morphing over time. We try to anticipate these changes. When we’re successful, we’re able to predict how people change the way they search for the same things. If we can figure that out ahead of your competitors, your website will be displayed prominently ahead of all others.

  • Ongoing Website Content to Support Our Strategies

New keyword analysis and opportunity development will require further content updates for your website. As we see new ways to promote your business, we will actively take advantage of them.

  • Increased Rankings

As these steps are executed, you will undoubtedly see improved search ranking. Being on page one at Google isn’t the end-all, though. We’ll keep an eye on other search engines and how they react to our work.

This is a general walkthrough of our process. As you can see, a lot of work goes into getting your business where you want it to be. Our commitment is to keeping you and your staff as involved is possible through every step of the way. This page is designed to let you know what to expect, where you can view milestones being met, and how those milestones are determined.

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