ppc servicesIf you are already heavily utilizing Google AdWords or Bing Ads or are planning on making a significant investment in pay-per-click advertising, Seattle SEO Consultant can show you how to get the best results dollar per dollar. We can help you effectively integrate PPC advertising into your overall SEO strategy to get the best results. We work hard to understand your business and its unique needs. From there, we custom tailor a PPC program for your business. Here’s how it works:

Existing customers – If you’re already working with us for your SEO or website design, just let us know you want to add PPC management to your portfolio of services we provide.

New customers – Contact us to schedule a free consultation where we will look at your current (if any) PPC activity so we understand what you’re doing now and show you what we can do for you.

From there, we develop a strategy and approach that will best fit your business needs, will most effectively attract your target customer and will produce the best results for your budget.

Step One – Learn

To get you started off right with PPC management services, we have to understand your business, your website, your needs and your goals for PPC. If we’re already working with you, we’ll already have most of the information we need. If you’re a new client, we will rapidly analyze your website and your existing PPC efforts to see what’s working and what needs improvement.

Step Two – Strategize

We then develop a customized PPC strategy including keyword analysis and research, campaign and AdGroup development and selection of which PPC features to use including remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), product listing ads, shopping campaigns, dynamic search ads and more. Determining ad timing and geo-targeting of ads will make the most of local searches.

Step Three – Groundwork

With goals set and information in hand, we craft effective PPC ads and AdGroups and then test and perfect them. We establish tracking codes to make the most of Google Analytics and monitor PPC conversions. At this point, we have all the groundwork for your campaign launch to bring in a flood of quality traffic to your website. But that’s not the end of what we do!

Step Four – Perfect

Once Seattle SEO Consultant launches your PPC campaign the real work starts. We monitor your results constantly. We tweak ad copy, placement, timing and geo-targeting to get the best results. Your full service account manager will let you know how we are working to improve conversion rates while reducing your ad spend. Easy-to-understand monthly reports show detailed results of campaigns.

Why Seattle SEO Consultant?

Seattle SEO Consultant’s full service PPC management services includes Google AdWords, Bing Ads or both to get you the best possible results for your ad spend. We will improve the efficiency and the affordability of your PPC ad campaigns and get the results you need. We understand SEO, we understand PPC and we understand how they work together to optimize results. That’s the expertise you need.

To see how Seattle SEO Consultant can supercharge your PPC, call (888) 574-6067 for a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation today. We’re ready to help!