User Experience is our Design Philosophy

The web is filled with sites that offer little in the way of a good customer experience: boring layouts, shabby content, and utterly forgettable design choices. Combine this with rampant advertising, and it’s easy to see why many potential customers bounce away from businesses without more than a few moments’ glance. We fight to give each of our designs a unique and memorable quality, something that users find easy to navigate, easy to recommend, and easy to remember. The major search engines have metrics tuned to user satisfaction. When we design your website, we know that giving you a strong user experience is the first step toward giving you excellent search ranking.

The Work Flow

We’re devoted to creating usable, accessible, and SEO-friendly websites. We begin by either sketching (or receiving, in the case of a client who has some ideas already) an early UI model. As we work with our client, that model evolves into a Photoshop sketch. After finalizing that model, we move into creating the HTML and CSS markup that will make the page readable to browsers. At every step, we rely on SEO friendly methods to insure the page will succeed in search engine indexes.

The Technology

Ranking well in a search engine is about more than just good content. A website designed with page rankings in mind will undoubtedly fare better. To that end, we use many CSS and image-compression tools to deliver sites that are, above many other things, fast. This may sound obvious, but nobody likes waiting around for a site to load, not even a search engine indexer. To make long-term use easier for our clients, we frequently make use of content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. Included in each design package is a lesson on how to use these tools to best serve your site.

With regard to compatibility, we test all of our websites against Internet Explorer 6 and later browsers, as well as different versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers. Not only do we want your site to offer a good user experience, we want to be sure that it offers the same experience to all of your visitors.

Getting Results

We’ve found the best way to engage users is to encourage them to take action. If this is making a phone call, making an appointment, or filling out a form, a user who takes the time to interact with your website will likely return. A good design will be critical to your success; if you want someone to take action, you need them to look at your page for more than a moment. It’s important to stand out, but we try to strike a balance between user experience and eccentricity.

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