14 June 2012

Relevant and quality content is a must to increase visibility in the search results. However, the task does not end in writing content alone. The right selection of keywords is necessary to target a specific audience. A high volume of traffic is useless if you cannot convert it into profit. While visibility will increase your traffic, the right choice of keywords will determine profit and sales. In optimizing a website, you must give time and emphasis to finding the right keywords for marketing purposes. Remember, the wrong choice of keywords will make you invisible to your customer.

Keywords You Want to Avoid.

In choosing the right keyword, there are two items that are best to avoid. First, look at the keywords rated extremely competitive. Most competitive keywords will take a lot of effort to rank. There is little point in spending a lot of time and energy in cutthroat competition when you can rank highly with other keywords. Second, the less popular keywords; very likely you will fail to get the desired traffic with them.

The Need of Balance

In choosing right keywords, you need to find the safe ground. You need to find a balance. Keywords that have a lot of searches, but are less competitive, are worth the effort. You will have a bigger chance to rank and dominate in that particular keyword, in as short a time as possible. If you are patient and hardworking, you can make these keywords more profitable than more competitive ones. What you should look for are the keywords that are most suitable to your field of business. A keyword which is overlooked by others may be one you can convert into a profit.

How are you going to do this?

First, you need to research your list of keywords. List all the possible keywords or phrases your target customer may type on their searches. You need to brainstorm over the words and phrases that cover your product or service. You need to find a keyword that will answer the query of a potential customer who has an interest in your product or service.

Next, narrow your list and keep the best words and phrases which you think can be more profitable to you. There are several tools available that can aid your keyword research. You can use Analytics, Google Adwords, Word Tracker, Word Stream, Google Suggest and others. You just need to become familiar to them and use them to your advantage.

You will need to match your keywords to your content. Is your Keyword relevant to your content? Will your customer find an answer to his queries when he clicks your page? These are fundamental questions to consider in your choice of keywords.

After you have successfully published your content and keywords, evaluate its value. Analytics will give you an idea as to how many searches are there, and if you are ranking or not. If you gain traffic to that particular keyword, you can polish that page to rank higher. You need to analyze how many conversions you have gained from that particular keyword.

Importance of Monitoring

Watching your analytics, monitoring the value and progress of your keywords, is a valuable habit. Overtime, you may need to change keywords as you develop your page and content. You will need to adjust your site to cater the needs of your customer. Close monitoring is essential to success in this competitive business model. You can always find the opportunity to compete and dominate. Stay in tune with your customers and your competitors; devote time, effort and energy to gain advantage!

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