16 January 2015
combat poor landing page conversion

4 Reasons You Have Crappy Conversions on Your Pages and How to Combat These Issues

If your pages don’t convert, they’re not worth the bandwidth they’re written on. But take heart, you can triage your pages and turn them around to get impressive results. There are some more obvious things that you know are turn-offs to potential clients – pop-ups, dead links, auto-play audio/video content and slow loading pages. These are things that are easy to diagnose and treat. Today, we’ll look at four less obvious factors leading to poor conversion rates on your page and how to fix these ASAP.

Problem #1 Unfocused or Excessive Content
poor landing page conversion

Content that’s not clear in its intent and/or too much content that keeps your reader from figuring out what you want them to do and then doing it can definitely curb conversions. A ton of content on your page may not be doing you any favors, in fact it can be hurting you. So how do you clarify your page to amp up conversions? Content includes not just your copy but any images or multi-media.

Cut down and refine – If you’ve got an uber long page, you can likely cull half the content and increase conversions at the same time. Clarity is also improved by design that gives you a visual impact that’s unimpeded and has good flow. The images and content shouldn’t compete but together should allow for quick comprehension of the value proposition and call to action.

Problem #2 Lack of Relevance
poor landing page conversion relevance

If your reader is coming from a Google ad, an email, in response to a campaign or from a keyword search, the page they land on should deliver what’s promised based on the source from where they came. For instance, if you sent an email offering a free e-book, but it’s not immediately obvious that you’re delivering what was promised, you’re going to lose conversions.

Trace the source and be consistent – The message needs to carry over from the traffic source, no matter what that source is and the language and tone must be consistent as well. Your context and value proposition must be seamless to the incoming link so your reader isn’t disoriented or feels like they’ve been baited and switched and shuts down the page.

Problem #3 Distractions
landing page cta

When you don’t make it plain what action you want your user to take and offer one and only one action for them to take, you’re begging for your page to be closed. Cramming your page full of hyperlinks, irrelevant images and other copy just for the sake of copy confuses your reader. Everything on the page should have the single-minded goal of getting the page viewer to take the action you want.

Be laser focused – Make the call to action clear and simple. Enter your email to get the free e-book or enter your email to get the download link. Whatever it is, make the buttons plain to see and the copy on the page should instruct/invite them to take this one action. Don’t send them to other pages, don’t overwhelm them with information they don’t need at this point – just get them to act.

Problem #4 Inconsistency
inconsistent landing page message

If your webpage messaging including headlines, body copy, call to action, images and any multi-media are inconsistent in language, tone, intent or call to action, you will befuddle your reader or just plain lose them. Your call to action and offer should be consistent with the headline and the source the link came from so that it’s clear what your value proposition is and how the reader can get in on it.

Hone your language – You need killer headlines that succinctly convey what you offer, why you’re credible, how the reader will benefit and how to take advantage of your offer (i.e. the call to action). You don’t need a long page to convey this – in fact, tight well-crafted language on a briefer page will serve you better. Also don’t use acronyms that may confuse or get heavy handed with buzzwords.

ab test landing pagesConversion Rate Issues are Many and Varied

Figuring out exactly what’s wrong with your pages that aren’t converting and rehabilitating them is art, science and nuance. The Seattle SEO Consultant team will evaluate your under-performing pages, diagnose the issues and improve them rapidly. Split testing, refining copy and improving calls to action are just the tip of the iceberg. We know how to optimize your web pages to improve your page rank, adapt to mobile devices and to convert casual browsers to paying customers.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation 30 minute evaluation. We’ll look at where you are, diagnose what’s ailing your poor landing page conversion and tell you exactly how we can help. Click here to schedule your free appointment with Chad and the team.

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