Online Marketing can easily be compared to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. The most telling comparison between the two is this simple fact- in both the Klondike Gold Rush and the INTERNET MARKETING Gold Rush, there will be a few who struck it very rich, whether through luck or simply by making the right things happen at the right time.

There are many, many more in both cases who will go bust. But the real winners in both Gold Rushes are those who find the right idea, and then work diligently to make it work.

The Internet Marketing Gold Rush Is Not Over For Seattle

Or anywhere else, for that matter. Granted some really “big strikes” have been made. Just look at the fortunes made by relatively little guys who were able to capitalize on somewhat simple ideas. These are fortunes made by the creators of eBay,, Netflix, and the current big cheese, Facebook. These “little guys making it big” have made the term Internet Billionaire almost cliché. They have also brought out a belief that anyone can do it. We are not about to say that there are not big strikes left to be made on the Internet, far from it.

How To Claim Your Piece Of The Internet Gold Rush

The thing that made those who found their fortune in the Klondike different from the common dreamers wasn’t so much that they had an original or different idea, but that they took the idea they had and worked hard at it.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs willing to tell you that there is easy money to be made through Internet Marketing. In fact, they are making their fortunes by selling you on the dream of easy money. There is still plenty of Gold left in the streams of the Internet, more than enough to support quite a few fortunes, but you are going to have to work hard and dig for it.

A Pick and a Shovel, A Keyboard and a Mouse

The most telling similarity between the Klondike Gold Rush and Internet Marketing is that both involve the use of a few simple tools to begin building a fortune. In both cases, the most important thing to have is the perseverance to keep working.

The old Saturday matinée movies showed con-men selling the prospectors things that they didn’t need, or worse, conning them with “secrets” that would never pan out. The modern day confidence men often promise to help you create a money making website that runs itself.

It is certainly possible to establish an Internet presence that generates income, even a lot of income. There are even ways to generate income without investing a great deal of cash. Just don’t expect to generate income without investing something. In the case of Internet Marketing, the best investment will be time, effort, and attention to details.

The important thing is to learn what details are the most important to pay attention to. This is where Seattle SEO Consultant can help. Whether you simply glean information from Chad’s useful blog, or sit down for a free half hour telephone consultation, our team is ready to aid your successful Digital Marketing campaign in Seattle.