Even a local business which depends upon walk-in business needs to maximize the effectiveness of their Internet activity, and in Seattle, Search Engine Optimization is the way to make it happen.

The Puget Sound Region is home to international Internet powerhouses, but it is the local, Mom and Pop outfits that have the most to win in the SEO game.

How many times have you been advised that your business needs a web presence? Probably more than you want to think about. So it will probably sting a bit when we say that just a presence is not enough. It is useful to think of the Internet like going to the casino. It is OK to just show up and have fun, but for it to be really worth your while, you need to play to win!


The casino is not a perfect metaphor for the Internet. There is a chance that you will win at the casino, but the odds will always be stacked for the House. There isn’t really a House on the Internet. This means that the consistent winner is going to be the player who works the hardest to put the odds in their own favor. How do you do that? There are no cards to mark or dice to load. The way to make the Internet work in your favor is by optimizing your site to be found by searchers who need and want your product or service.

The Internet has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Computers and the Internet have become so simple to use in comparison to the information that they can present. At the beginning of the last century the way to reach a mass audience was to publish your message in a newspaper or magazine. This meant your message had a limited reach. Later in the century network radio, and later television became important, but audiences turned to those media strictly for entertainment. And until the explosion of specialized cable networks, there was a rather limited selection of outlets over which to spread your message.

The Internet is a whole new ball of wax! A great deal of business, commerce, and actual work gets done over the ‘net, but it is primarily a source of entertainment and information. Part of what makes the Internet so powerful is the unimaginable variety of topics and forms of entertainment available there, but the real kicker is how simple it can be to find what you are looking for.

Search is what has made the Internet so useful. By taking advantage of SEO, ┬ábusinesses don’t have to pay for their message to go out to millions of people who will never patronize the business, they can send their message to a target audience that will actually be interested in their product.

OPTIMIZED SEARCH Works on both Sides Of the Screen

Optimizing Search benefits both the customer and the marketer. In theory a user who lives in Seattle and needs to buy parts for his classic British sports car will see advertising from local businesses who have products that he will be interested in purchasing. He may still be bombarded with advertisements for lounge blankets with sleeves, but at least some of what he see will be what he really wants.

The goal of SEO is to get your business’s advertising and web presence where potential customers, the ones who are really going to make a purchase, can see it.

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