27 May 2011

Few things are as important to the search engine optimization and success of your Seattle website as your copywriting. Not only can your website copywriting help you get the highest rankings possible, it will also help you convert all of those visitors coming from the search engines into paying customers.

When it comes to the content on your Seattle website, quality is vitally important. The days of junky, keyword stuffed, low-quality content achieving high rankings is over. Even in the past when poorly written content would rank well in the search engines, it rarely converted visitors into customers anyway.

This post looks at a few things to consider when creating the content for your website so you not only increase your search engine optimization and rankings, but you also increase your sales.

Using Keywords

It’s important that you use your keywords logically in your website copy. Don’t throw your keywords in there willy-nilly in every other sentence, just to get rankings. It’s much better to use your keywords logically, where they fit best, instead of overusing them. Not only will your copy read better for human readers, but you’ll also stand less chance of your copy getting flagged as spam by the search engines.

Grabbing Attention

Start your website’s content with an attention-grabbing headline that will make visitors want to read further. Put it right up front in boldface type so it attracts immediate attention. You want something that will intrigue visitors by offering them some sort of benefit for reading further, instead of sending them straight to the ‘back’ button.

Keep It Simple

It’s best to keep your copy simple. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write for your exact audience instead of writing for yourself. What I mean by that is you should write using only easy to understand words, in short sentences and short paragraphs, that anyone in your audience will be able to read. Many people get caught up in writing for themselves, which means trying to sound overly flowery or smart by using big words. If the copy is too complicated or just to overwhelming to read, no one will read it.

Include Answers

Before you sit down to write your copy, think about questions your potential customers may have. The more answers you give in your copy without a potential customer having ask, the more sales you make. Possible questions include:

  • What are the benefits of your product or service? AND
  • How is your product or service better than your competition?
  • How do I buy your product or service?
  • What type of warranty, return policy, or other assurance do you offer on your products or services?

If you keep these tips in mind while also remembering to write for human readers instead of for the search engines, you’ll enhance your Seattle search engine optimization increase conversions coming from your Seattle website.

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