22 March 2013

Ever since April of 2012, Android users have had Instagram. This must-have app of the iOS tribe has become a staple app for Android users too. Since it’s been a few months since Instagram’s debut on Android, we thought we’d check in and see how things are coming along.

And…it’s popular.

There is no question that Instagram is insanely popular. According to Instagram, the number of total worldwide users is around 100 million, though no one knows for sure. For Android downloads, the Google Play site gives a rough estimate of “50,000,000 – 100,000,000.” When Instagram unleashed their amped-up web presence in early February of 2013, an even greater number of people can fawn over the photos. Instagram is, undoubtedly, extremely popular.

Android’s entrance into the Instagram world no doubt ramped the numbers even higher. By now, there are millions more Android users than iPhoners, and these Android users are just as likely to snap Instagram photos than their Apple-loving counterparts.

On the Google Play store, Instagram has racked up a solid 3,338,290 reviews at the time we last checked. That’s a heck of a lot of reviews, and the vast majority of them are positive. Here’s a screenshot:

android instagram

Not even the iPhone version of Instagram can compare with this number of rave reviews. To date, Instagram for iPhone has a paltry 1,159,163 reviews.

Long Live the Android…Thanks to Instagram!

If iOS users snubbed their noses at Android users for their lack of mainstream apps, that can no longer be justified. With Instagram, Android users have joined the ranks of the millions of Apple hipsters who chronicle their lives via Instagram. Android users aren’t missing out on the full experience, either. As the Instagram blog reported, “The Android app offers an extremely familiar Instagram experience when compared to the iOS app. You’ll find all the exact filters and community as our iOS version.”

We think that Instagram for Android is doing pretty well.

The Community Grows

One of Instagram’s greatest contributions to the mobile photo world isn’t the slick filters, or record-breaking price tag sale, or even the massive popularity of the app. The biggest contribution is social. In 2013, social is the name of the game. Instagram turns every smartphone user into a walking camera, recording visuals of his or her life and freeing them to the online world of information and entertainment. It’s like Facebook, only you don’t have to read text. You just get to look at pictures. It’s easy to share, easy to view, and easy to join a worldwide community of Instagramers.

And, sheesh, it’s addicting.

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