15 September 2009

Blog Commenting Still a Buzz?

Blogs, love them or hate them? Blogs are popping up everywhere nowadays. A lot of people are getting more and more into the subtle practice of getting the “word” out, for profit, for fame or for just satisfying a simple hobby. A lot of people are going into their blogs to post the latest updates on stocks or financial news, or tell a group of people about the latest victories of their sports idol, or maybe keep everyone abreast of the latest weather crisis from their part of the globe.
A lot of people today want to be an authority on something really worth reading. That is really great, since more and more people are getting informed of what is happening around them. In the marketing perspective, blogs are not only instruments for informing people, or mere pages online for getting the “word” out to a particular audience. Blogs also act as forms of media for gathering like-minded individuals into sharing ideas or maybe even buying a particular product. Blogs can be money-generating machines, if you only know how to maximize a blog’s inherent features and improve on ways to funnel a particular group of people into visiting your website. One of the easiest forms of online marketing is blog commenting.
Catchy comments left on the latest posts of a blog can leave some impression on the readers and may even motivate them to see what you are commenting about (or go directly to your website). Attracting blog visitors to click on your name or even your link from the blog comments is no easy feat. An online marketer needs to be catchy, needs to be witty, and really needs to hit a good nerve on the readers to elicit some response. It is always better to get readers to visit your link or seriously consider your comments in a positive tone.
Those who get bad publicity from posting really negative comments may find the effect temporary than those who catch a good market from positive or beneficial comments. Understanding this, it is always a very good strategy to leave multiple comments or come back to the blog (high traffic-blog) several times to gain a good following. Snipping some traffic from a really popular blog site, and bringing them to your own website, or better yet, encouraging them to buy your product, will most certainly favor a web marketer for the longest time. So, is blog commenting still a good online buzz? It’s certainly still worth trying. A lot of people are sharing comments and ideas via blogs. So take advantage of that, and try to influence as many people into accepting your ideas or making an effort of purchasing your products online.

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