18 February 2011

Consumers have become MUCH more sophisticated in researching products and services on the Internet today. People KNOW how to find what they’re looking for today like they never could before.

This is great news for online businesses because even tiny websites have the power to compete with huge corporate websites. As consumers learn the best ways to search, and new Internet innovations appear, online businesses have an easier time attracting consumers with Seattle SEO strategies.

This post looks at Seattle SEO strategies for your online business that will attract today’s sophisticated consumers.

Mobile Marketing SEO

With the increased use of smart phones and tablets, search engine optimization for mobile search is critical. If you haven’t optimized your website to be mobile friendly, you could be losing sales.

Take a look at our Responsive Web Design tool to understand how your site looks to users on various devices. Remember that in the very near future more people will access the web on mobile devices than on desk top or laptop computers.

When we are working on the Internet, the future is always now!

Local Marketing

It’s WAY easier for an online business to rank higher in local searches than trying to compete on a global level. This is wonderful if you have a business that depends on local traffic.

Even if you don’t operate locally, optimizing for local search is a fast way to gain traffic while you work toward high rankings for global searches.

Focused Keywords

Today’s consumers have figured out how to effectively search the internet. They know typing a generic keyword like ‘shoes’ into the search engines isn’t going to pull up helpful search results.

Using focused long tail keywords is a sure way to attract consumers today. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases which contain three to five words, like “lightweight womens hiking boots”. Research has shown the more precise the keyword, the more likely the searcher is ready to buy now. Emphasis on long tail keywords also reflects the growing influence of Siri and Voice Search, along with Google’s desire to “recreate the StarTrek computer”.

Content Still Rules

Take a look at your website’s content to ensure it’s in good shape. Content is still king of the internet, and poorly written content full of grammar issues and misspellings is a big turn off to today’s savvy consumers.

Remember that blogging is a great way to continuously add fresh, informative, high quality content to your site. Just remember to update your blog on a regular basis.

No Spammy Junk

People are not only familiar with the term ‘spam,’ they know exactly how to spot it (and we’re not talking about Spam ham here). If your website, content, or links look spammy, consumers will avoid them.

These are just a few of the many consumer oriented Seattle SEO strategies you should take a look at to ensure your online business continues to attract customers.

Not sure how to implement these Seattle SEO strategies or need help? Contact Seattle SEO Consultant today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with marketing expert Chad Morgan to learn more!

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