27 February 2011
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Buyers: start your search engines!

Someone ready to purchase a Fender DG-8 guitar would likely search the Internet using the keywords “buy fender dg-8 guitar”, “fender guitar” or “acoustic guitar.”

Somebody ready to schedule a Seattle boat tour would jump on Bing and type “book seattle boat tour”, “things to do in seattle”, or “seattle boat company”.

No matter whether you’re a Google man or a Bing woman (if you want to find out you can take the challenge!), the fact is that people combine all kinds of keywords as well. For example, someone ready to purchase a Vizio 47″ TV may search for “purchase cheap vizio 47 online”. In this case, the searcher used three buyer keywords “purchase,” “cheap,” and “online.”

While this may sound like a “Houston, we have a problem”, it is far from it.

The key to selecting the appropriate buyer keywords for your Seattle PPC campaign is to reach the right people at the right time.

This is done in three specific steps.

Step #1: Pick specific keywords.

Even if you had all the money in the world to bid on all the keywords you wanted,
I would still not recommend doing that. You need to choose a strategy on how to choose keywords.

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: use your experience to make a list of words and phrases that they would use to search for your product or service.
  • Create phrase clusters: browse that list and create three to four groups. For example, if you are a bed and breakfast in Seattle, you could create groups as “honeymoon getaway”, “family vacation” and “eggs benedict extravaganza”. Be creative. Assign all words and phrases to those groups.
  • Refine the keywords: keep in mind that while generic keywords (e.g. comics) generate more searches, they also increase the number of competitors to bid against. You’re likely to get more relevant results with keywords such as “superman 70s comics” or “nightcrawler one shots”. (Yeah, I’m not a Wolverine fan. BAMF!)

Step #2: Try out multiple ads.

Practice makes the master, young grasshopper. And practice you must!

Within each of your keyword clusters, you need to create unique ads for each one. Remember that people won’t click in your ad if the copy sucks. When selecting buyer keywords for your Seattle PPC campaign, you need to think about what would help those people when searching for those words.

buyer keywordsBreak out that thesaurus and go beyond the generic “buy”. Buyer keyword terms include the product or service name along with buzz words that people use when they’re ready to make a purchase.

  • Purchase
  • Book
  • Schedule
  • Discount
  • Coupon
  • Cheap
  • Low Cost
  • Online

The list goes on. The key is to experiment. Measure. Revise. Measure. Over and over.

Step #3: Target specific locations.

It is critical that you target your ads to specific locations. Remember from Step #1 that you must have a strategy. Here are some examples of how you would target locations according to your strategy.

  • If your customers come from Portland, then you would want to target those making the searches in Portland.
  • If your customers are roaming the streets of King County, then it would be a great idea to target the zip codes from 98101 to 98109.

On most PPC markets, you can use geo-targeting to show your ads in a particular area, whether it’s a city, region, country or specific distance from your business.

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