25 April 2011

Few people turn to their phone book or Yellow Pages anymore when seeking information on local businesses in Seattle like restaurants, chiropractors, carpet cleaners, dentists, dance studios, and more. Today’s top source for local business information is without a doubt the internet.

Not only is the internet a more convenient way for consumers to search for information on local businesses, but the internet also provides the ideal platform for pre-selling consumers. You’re limited in what you can do with a phone listing or Yellow Pages advertisement, but with internet marketing the sky’s the limit.

However, while the internet offers your local business an affordable marketing bonanza, it’s really only successful when local consumers FIND your business online. This is why local businesses need a combination of local internet marketing and local search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve outstanding success.

This post looks at a few easy tips for local SEO in Seattle that will put your business on the path to success.

Check Your Rankings

Make sure your business website is listed in the search engine results for your local keywords. Just having a website won’t bring traffic or an automatic search engine listing. Search Google and the other search engines for your keywords to 1) verify that your website appears in the search engine listings, and 2) to note where your website (and the websites of your competitors) stands in the rankings.

Check Your Website

Take a quick look at your website. Good SEO in Seattle begins with well-designed web pages full of keyword focused content. Make sure you include all of the information a potential customer might need to make a purchasing decision. For example, scheduling appointments online, frequently asked questions pages, photos, helpful videos, and other information about your business. The easier you make it for people to become a customer, the more customers you’ll have.

Check Your Reviews

You might come across a few reviews for your business when searching online, especially from websites like CitySearch.com, YellowPages.com, Yelp.com, and more. Double-check your business information on these websites. If there are any negative reviews posted about your business, see what you can do to resolve the problem or have the poster remove the review if possible. Some review websites give the business owner the opportunity to respond to negative reviews. If you decide to leave a response about a negative review, don’t get defensive or retaliate by name calling or anything else that will leave a bad impression. Be professional and remember what you post online stays online for everyone to see.

Check Business Listings

Don’t overlook the importance of online business listings. Even if you already have a website, it’s important to list your website in all of the local business listings if you haven’t, including Google Places, Yahoo Local Listings, YellowPages.com, and more. Include your address, website, email, phone, physical location, hours, directions, maps, photos, keyword business description, and anything else pertinent to ensure a complete listing that attracts potential customers.

Check Your Marketing Plan

Successful local SEO in Seattle is much easier when you have a sound marketing plan that solves all of the potential challenges your business faces in attracting customers and ranking higher than your competition.

Need help creating your SEO in Seattle marketing plan to build your business through the power of local internet marketing? Contact Seattle SEO Consultant today for a free 30 minute consultation. We can help your business dominate the local Seattle search engine listings.

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