25 January 2012

Once you’ve had a website designed, worked out hosting, and made your place on the internet, you still have one significant hurdle to leap. Having a well-designed website isn’t worth much unless there are people visiting it. Driving traffic to your website is easier said than done. Simply filling a niche, providing a service, or having a product to sell won’t cut it. You have to reach out to your customers – usually in ways they don’t even realize.

Search Engines

While word of mouth can be helpful, organic growth in traffic usually comes from the major search engines. To drive large amounts of visitors to your website, you have to be certain that your business is turning up in the top results when people search for the services or products you offer. If you hire a consultant to help you gain momentum in the search rankings, one of the first things they’ll do is research what keywords people are searching to find services like yours. Search engine optimization strategies will then push the association of those keywords and your website up through the rankings.

Social Networking

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool, which is why any successful business should have a social networking presence. By being an active voice on social networking sites, you make word of mouth easier. Your customers will be able to discuss your services, and your future customers will have the words of their friends and other connections to base their choices on. Combine this with the fact that many social networking sites are, in fact, indexed by the major search engines, and you have a wonderful way to keep your customers informed while also boosting your placement in search engines.

Other Services

When you’re trying to engage users, you want to use as many angles as possible. Social networking and organic search are great, but you should consider all of the different places people look for things on the internet. If you expand your content beyond text and images and decide to incorporate video clips, you’ll be able to grab attention from several new sources. Not only will you have social media and search support, but if your videos are located on different video indexing sites (Vimeo, Youtube, DailyMotion) you have a brand new thoroughfare for traffic.

When Traffic Isn’t Enough

Having a number one page ranking is a great thing. However, without a solid website and user interface, you may not be able to convert traffic into sales. Having a great user experience alone also isn’t enough. The combination of search engine strategy and excellent design is the best way to make your business stand out against the rabble of the world wide web. Throw an active social media presence into the mix, and you’ve laid the foundation for success. From there, it’s up to your customers, your product, and your sales team. If you can direct traffic to your business, have a website that draws them in, you’ve already accomplished the most difficult task. From there to closing the sale is up to your product.

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