22 March 2012

Why Quality Content Matters

You might be asking how much it costs to build and promote a website. Getting something on the page just won’t cut it – neither will casual submissions to search engine indexes. There are a number of services that offer cut-rate writing and content creation for your website. The SEO process requires the creation of many different types of page – those that will appear on your website, any ongoing blog material you may have, and separate articles that will help bolster your online presence and search engine visibility. Building connections online is only one part the problem. Driving traffic to the site doesn’t do any good if people don’t stay there.

Providing Clear and Concise Information

You only have a few moments to catch a visitor’s attention. Our team of professional writers knows precisely how this is accomplished. One of the major pitfalls of online content is the habit of copy and pasting whole documents, choosing to change sets of key words instead of writing unique and relevant articles for each. While it’s possible some content may be repeated – landing pages for similar services or service overviews, for example – the fact that it’s uniquely written won’t be lost on your potential customers. People are sensitive to content that contains low-quality, boilerplate writing. That’s why we refuse to spin content for our customers – not only is it poor SEO practice, it’s a detail that customers won’t miss.

Generating Buzz

Ongoing content, both on your website and through social media outlets, can help your business develop momentum in alternative markets. Not only does word of mouth get you exposure in the real world, when it happens online, it can help build the reputation of your website. This is why it’s essential to have a positive social network presence. However, without great site content, when new visitors arrive, curious about what people are saying, they won’t stick around. Converting visitors into sales depends on compelling and engaging content – text, pictures, and video. If you can keep a visitor around for more than five or ten seconds, the likelihood he will make a purchase skyrockets.

Business Appropriate Content

Some SEO companies will hire out content writing to people who have little investment in their clients. Our writing team is consistent, reliable, and professional. We work to pair writers with clients that share experiences and attitudes. The tone of an article has to change based on what it is our clients do – content describing personal injury lawyer services and content marketing play places for children must be approached very differently. Striking a balance between information, presentation, and attitude will insure that your customers are faced with content that’s appropriate for the products and services they’re looking for. Our writers will work with you through any content revisions you desire. Their services are included in the cost of SEO promotion, meaning it’s not something you should consider when wondering how much it costs to build a website. If you prefer to have more control over your web copy, that’s great, but know that our team of professionals is at your disposal.

If you have any questions about SEO, web design, or simply looking for estimates of how much it costs to build a website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re offering free 30 minute phone consultations to anyone interested. We offer a wide range of services – whether you’re just getting started on the web, or you’re hoping to take your online user experience to the next level – we should be able to help you.

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