18 February 2014
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During their 15th birthday celebration ceremony on September 26, 2013, Google announced the release of its latest search algorithm update called Hummingbird. This announcement has shaken the SEO and online marketing industry because it is changing the way that they do have gone about doing business.

conversational searchWhy did Google implement this update?

Think of a great car that was built in the 1960s. While it may still run today, its engine may lack important updates such as fuel injection and ability to process unleaded fuel. By switching its search engine, Google is introducing features that will allow to process important data that it couldn’t process as well before.

google voice searchGoogle is getting smarter and can now understand “conversational search”, which means that it is processing the way that people input questions via voice to do Google searches.

While these search queries may be semantically and grammatically incorrect, they are the real way that people propose questions when doing searches on Google.

What does this all mean for WordPress website owners?

This means that Google is starting to put front and center local search data, mobile devices and social media into its search algorithm. And by social media, you should understand that Google means Google+. Google understands that the future of search is going to involve people interacting with search engines through speech patterns in mobile devices, while taking into account the input from social media through reviews.

Local SEO becomes critical for WordPress site owners because they need to be ready for local search phrases and have a place to gather those reviews from social media.

Then, WordPress website owners should prepare for this shift in search from Google by doing two important tasks.

First: find out how to setup a Google+ page for their businesses.

Second: install the Local SEO plugin from Yoast into their sites.

By having a Google+ page and linking the company site back to it, you are sending the right signal to Google that you want to be included in its latest search engine algorithm updates and that you are willing to meet the indexation requirements.

On the other hand, the WordPress plugin from Yoast is the most important local SEO marketing software to have because its features make it possible for your website to rank locally better and on Google Maps. Additionally, the plugin allows you to show opening hours, Google maps including a route planner and support for multiple locations.

While this WordPress plugin is not free, it is an essential tool to get your site ready for the Hummingbird update from Google.

Let Seattle SEO Consultant help you with Local SEO.

If you want people to find out about your business, local SEO is the way to go. Don’t make your digital presence an afterthought and tackle the Hummingbird update head on.

If you want to learn more local SEO tips and tricks, or need help with the local SEO from your site, click or call Seattle SEO Consultant at (888) 574-6067 for your free, no obligation 30 minute consultation today. We look forward to learning about your business and seeing how we can help you with your Local SEO Campaign. Schedule a free consultation to talk about your SEO needs.

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