15 December 2011

Online marketing in Seattle is a lot different from the good old days of marketing before the internet and social media. I’m talking about way back when getting your business noticed meant paying for pricey TV, radio, and print advertising. Today, the internet and social media have practically replaced the need for TV, radio, and print advertising – and best of all, social media is essentially free.

Although it’s great to have so many options when it comes to social media, there’s a downside to it – so much of the chatter out there is nothing but noise. Success with social media can be incredible, but getting there takes a whole lot more than getting people’s attention. You have to keep their attention and turn them into fans that will gladly spread your message.

This post looks at a few ways you can turn friends and followers into fans that spread the word about your business.

Numbers Really Do Matter

online marketing seattleIf you’re promoting your business as a leader in your field through social media and you only have 9 followers on Twitter, you should definitely pay more attention to building your audience. People like big numbers, and if only 9 people like you, you’ll not only lose the trust of potential customers, but you’ll also lose their interest. Big numbers attract people and trust – remember that.

You’ve Gotta Be Good

Getting friends and followers is easy… keeping them is something else. Nobody will pay attention to your “We’re so great” ego posts, and they may even cost you a bunch of unfollow clicks. You must post unique, interesting, compelling, valuable content that is truly good or no one will care. If you do post great content, something interesting will start to happen. People will start to care about what you have to say AND they’ll start telling others about it.

Give Away Free Stuff

One of the easiest ways to get people to love your business is by giving away free stuff. Whether it’s a free email newsletter, free report, or other free information, giving away valuable free stuff through your social media strategy will get people to show their love by telling others because you’re giving what everyone wants – something valuable and free.

Be Controversial And Trendy

Don’t be afraid to be controversial or state your opinion, even if you know it isn’t going to be popular. I don’t know who came up with the old saying, “If everyone loves your business, you’re definitely doing something terribly wrong,” but it really is true. Another great way to stir up the pot is staying on top of current trends. Whether you post your opinion or write a blog post about trends in your industry, you’ll attract people to your message.

Getting mentioned in the newspaper or on the local nightly news just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to business success. Give social media a try to get your business in front of people in a unique way that makes them fall in love with you so much they actually market for you – for free!

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