14 May 2010

Using PPC Marketing To Effectively Test Keywords

If you’ve been involved in online marketing for any amount of time, you know the importance of choosing the right keywords. It’s the single most important search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for online success. It’s a fact — not taking the time to identify the most profitable keywords will most certainly negatively impact your business.

While choosing keywords is critical to your successful SEO efforts, it’s often difficult to separate the keywords that will produce profits from the keywords that will not. You need more than a gut feeling that you’re choosing keywords that will convert.

That’s where pay per click (PPC) marketing can help. PPC marketing is a reliable and cost effective way to test keywords so you can focus on the ones that will produce the right results for your business.

PPC Marketing Is Fast And Easy

Not only is PPC marketing a fast and easy way to test keywords, it’s also relatively inexpensive to test keyword potential before you spend time optimizing your website. The following conversion test checklist will help you test keywords with PPC marketing the simple way.

  • Narrow your list down to five or less keywords
  • Set up an account with Google AdWords
  • Assign each keyword its own exact match ad group
  • Turn off Google Content Network
  • Write two different compelling ads for each ad group
  • Set each ad variation to rotate evenly
  • Bid between 50% and 100% of the suggested bid amount so your ads appear in the top five positions
  • Set up a separate landing page for each ad, each with a different offer or call to action
  • Enable Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Gathering And Evaluating The Results

Continue your PPC marketing to test keywords for at least 100 clicks per ad. Track your results and test keywords all the way from a person clicking on your ad to what they do when arriving on your landing page. This will let you know not only how well your test keywords will do in the search engines, but also how your different landing pages will convert.

If you don’t generate a lead or a sale within 100 clicks and your ads do appear in the top five positions, you may have a keyword that will fail to perform. If a keyword doesn’t convert with PPC marketing, it might not be worth optimizing your website for that keyword.

Obviously, the test keywords that convert into numerous leads and sales are the ones you should use in your search engine optimization efforts.

Don’t risk wasting time and money because you were wrong about your keyword choices when it’s so simple to test keywords with PPC marketing. If you need help with PPC marketing to test keywords, SeattleSEOConsultant.com can get started with your keyword test today.

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