12 March 2011

There are SEO campaigns that bring in big bucks, and there are SEO campaigns that bring in nothing. Why are some SEO campaigns successful while others fall flat? It all comes down to planning. This post looks at the five critical planning steps to a profitable Seattle SEO campaign.

1 – Keyword Research

I know it’s not the most exciting way to spend a few hours, but keyword research can make all the difference in creating a profitable Seattle SEO campaign. You can’t just choose the most obvious keywords and call it a day. Thorough keyword research takes time as you consider every possible combination of words potential customers would use to search the internet to find your products or services.

2 – Competitive Analysis

Once you have a list of hundreds or even thousands of keywords, you must analyze the list to check the number of searches and the competitiveness of each term. You also need to analyze competing websites by looking at the keywords they use, their page rank, inbound links, indexed pages, and more. This information will help you narrow down your keyword list to the ones that will perform best. It will also give you an idea of the scope of the Seattle SEO campaign you’ll need to surpass the competition.

3 – Onpage SEO

Even if you get plenty of prospects to your website with the right keywords, you aren’t likely to make any sales unless your website does a bang up job. You need keyword focused quality content that shows how your products or services can solve the problems of potential customers and compel them to return to your website in the future to learn more. You should also optimize other onpage aspects for your Seattle SEO campaign, including the header tags, image alt tags, and meta tags along with adding a sitemap to your website.

4 – Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO planning involves creating your strategy for inbound linking. The wrong kind of junk links can actually do your rankings more harm than good. The best kinds of inbound links are one way links that come from directory submissions, blog commenting, and article marketing.

5 – Promotion

Lastly, it’s critical that you promote as part of a profitable Seattle SEO campaign. Great promotion ideas include email marketing, article marketing, local search marketing, social media (Facebook & Twitter), video marketing, and other forms of marketing like Squidoo and HubPages that also give you valuable one way inbound links.

These five strategies can help you create a profitable Seattle SEO campaign for your business. Want help planning your campaign? Contact Seattle SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute consultation today!

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