23 July 2010

So you’ve done a great job of getting quality traffic to your website. Now you need to help your hard work keep working for those visitors by finding ways to get them to keep coming back to your website. The old business theory of it being cheaper to sell to existing customers than to keep looking for new customers applies with traffic. It’s a whole lot more profitable if you can keep existing traffic coming back to your website again and again instead of always seeking brand new website visitors.

The more a person returns to your website, the more likely they are to become customers. After returning again and again, these visitors begin to trust your website (and the products or services you offer). Basically, you earn more credibility each time a visitor returns, which can translate into huge profits. This post looks at ways to keep your hard-earned quality traffic coming back to your website.

A Frequently Updated, Entertaining Blog

Not only will a blog give personality to your business, it also keeps people in the loop about what’s going on. Whether it’s breaking industry news, direct information about your products or services, or just a personal note that lets website visitors know what’s going on with you, a blog is a great way to lure quality traffic back to your website. People are naturally curious and if you give them a compelling reason to return, they will.

The most important part about having a blog is updating it frequently. If the content is always the same when website visitors return, they’ll stop visiting. Not only does this make your business look inactive and like there’s nothing going on, but it also makes it appear unpopular, which is a big red flag not to buy.

A great way to add new content that will encourage repeat website visitors is adding aspects of entertainment to your blog. Embed funny videos into your posts, tell jokes, create quizzes and puzzles, post links to funny news reports, tell stories, give your opinion about something pertinent, write a movie review, provide a link to “what’s currently playing on your iPod,” and more. While you need to keep your blog informative, by including an aspect of entertainment, you can encourage your quality traffic to return both when they seek information and when they’re just looking to relax and have fun surfing the net.

Interactive Ways To Connect

People love websites where they can interact. By giving them some forms of interaction, your website visitors are likely to return to connect with you and with others. One of the most popular interactive features you can add to your website is a forum. It offers a place where your website visitors can voice their opinions, help each other, and just become friends. You can really create a community with an active forum as website visitors return weekly or even daily to have conversations.

Other popular ways to encourage interaction on your website include setting up anonymous polls and surveys. People enjoy giving their opinion and they will return to your website to see the results of a poll or survey. This also makes your website visitors feel like they’re part of your website and the community you’ve created.

Don’t let the quality traffic you work so hard to get be onetime visitors to your website. The tips in this post will not only encourage repeat website visitors, but by implementing them you’ll also building creditability for your business while building a community of people that are likely to become customers and bring more website visitors your way.

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