21 August 2013
web design goes straight hell

Do visitors get whiplash turning away from your website so fast? Is your web design the worst it can be? Sorry, but before you answer, let me stop you right there.

Your web design can get much, much worse. Regardless how rough you think your design is now, it’s not in web design hell (yet). Given your ability to read these words, Darwin’s law of internet evolution guarantees that web design bottom feeders have you beat with poor design.

Seattle SEO Consultant has seen worse than your web design, we guarantee it. All of our customers “Free Consultation” start with a free 30 minute consultation that helps you adjust what works, without starting over.

The fast track to web design hell isn’t obvious. Total negligence can lead you there eventually, but to save time and go straight to web design hell, you need direction. Let me help you. Hitting rock bottom might give you the motivation you need to start taking your web design seriously. Not sure if you can handle it, but here is a three step action list for quickly, painfully, killing your web design.

3 Efforts You Must Destroy … to send your web design straight to hell

Don’t believe data and social proof

You know all that historical analytics data and customer comments for your website? Forget about all of it. Relying on experience and feedback won’t get you to web design hell. Here’s a set of social blinders to put on, they’ll help you ignore what everyone else thinks about your ideas. For a web design only you can love, it’s best to neglect everyone’s opinion except your own.

Next, pull the plug on Google Analytics. This will ensure that you have no clue what your web site visitors are doing. Out of sight; out of mind. What’s your bounce rate? It doesn’t matter. Bouncing is irrelevant in web design hell. The visitors you ignore won’t be back, there is no bounce, because no one is there.

Don’t conceive a web design strategy

Okay, take a deep breath; it’s time to get your hands dirty. You need to kill the ties between your customer, research and creation plans. Unleash the chaotic head-to-head clash of the spy, mogul and chef; your web design will soon be in shambles. Say goodbye to your unified web design inspiration strategy.

What’s next? You’ve already discarded all your data, social proof, and communications. Your web design needs an abstract “visually disconnected” makeover. The appearance of your website design should be so bizarre, that any traffic you somehow receive will be thoroughly confused. If you still had analytics, you’d see an increase in time on page, as visitors stare in stunned silence at the monstrosity that is your web design.

Don’t achieve your goals

Does your website have a unique selling proposition; something special that sets you apart from your competition? Yeah, that needs to go. There’s no place for a clear, concise, unique competitive advantage in web design hell. Throw your business motto into a blender with all your competitors. Mix yourself up some dough because you’re about to roll out a cookie-cutter web design.

Who are the perfect customers for your website? In web design hell, they don’t know who you are. Your web site exists, you pour time and money into it, but your ideal customers never visit. When they do visit, they want what you offer, but they don’t see you offer it.

Does this sound like you, on a different path than your online customers?

Your web design may be on the path to hell, but you can rescue it. Chances are you’re not on the straight path down; your web design just needs some professional guidance. Give Seattle SEO Consultants a call, for your free 30 minute consultation, and talk about where you think things went wrong. Where is your web design now? Where do you want it to be? Let us know and we’ll give you the direction you need.

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