17 September 2010

5 Easy On-Page SEO Tips

Okay, so you know you need search engine optimization for your website to succeed, but maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about SEO. That’s totally understandable. SEO can be confusing and downright hard sometimes, especially since it keeps changing all the time, so don’t feel bad.

In an effort to help people having a little difficulty with SEO, I’ve put together five easy on-age SEO tips that are simple to implement and can help increase search engine rankings without being too overwhelming.

1.     Include your main keywords in the title tag for every page of your website. Don’t include the same title tag on each page. Writing a new title tag for each individual page of your website helps you rank well for different keywords. (I’m assuming you’ve already done your keyword research and have awesome keywords for your website. If you haven’t, head over to the Google keyword tool to do a little research.)

2.     Take a look at your website’s content and make sure you’ve included your keywords naturally. The best way to determine whether you’ve used your keywords naturally is simply to read your content out loud. Your website needs informative, keyword focused content, but if it doesn’t read well, your website’s visitors will click the back button fast. Never stuff keywords just to get higher rankings. It won’t give you long term success.

3.     Rename the images on your website so you include keywords in the image name. For example, instead of “image1.jpg,” use “SEOTips.jpg.” In addition, add alt tags to your images using your keywords.

4.     If you don’t already have a blog as part of your website, add one. Adding a blog to your website is easy with WordPress and it’ll do pretty cool stuff for your rankings. Post to your blog regularly and you’ll not only attract the search engines, but you’ll also attract a steady flow of regular readers. And regular readers can quickly convert into paying customers.

5.     Ping your blog and bookmark your website content. With a Google search for “ping blog” and “social bookmarking” you’ll find a number of services that let the search engines know you’ve updated your blog and will submit the link to your content to social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon and Digg.

By starting small with SEO implementing these on-page SEO tips, you’ll take a big step toward improving your rankings while keeping SEO easy. These on-page SEO tips are just the basics. To learn more about more advanced on-page and off-page SEO, contact Seattle SEO Consultant for a free consultation today!

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