1 October 2010

Wish you had high search engine rankings? While it may seem impossible if your website is far, far away from page #1, it’s really not all that difficult to raise your rankings pretty dramatically with just a few simple tactics.

This post provides five things you can do yourself to improve your rankings in the search engines. Whether you’re starting a new website, or optimizing your existing website, these tips will work to begin raising your search engine rankings.

Keyword Research

Higher rankings begin with keyword research. I’ll go even further by saying online success begins with keyword research. If you aren’t targeting low competition buyer keywords, you’re spinning your wheels online. Good keyword research takes a whole lot longer than a few minutes with the Google keyword tool.

Onsite Optimization

If you want higher rankings, you’ve gotta make it easy for Google to understand what your website is about. The easiest way to do this is by optimizing your website for your keywords, including adding a title tag, meta description, meta keywords, image tags, and optimizing your content.

Add New Content

While you’re optimizing your existing content, add new, unique, keyword focused content pages to your website. The search engines love fresh content, so by giving them new content on a regular basis, they’ll reward you with higher rankings.

Include A Blog

You can further increase your rankings by adding a blog to your website. While you should still optimize and add fresh content to the pages of your website, adding a blog makes it easy to include articles and how-to information the search engines love.

Build Links

Once you have your keywords and your website is optimized, it’s time to really boost your rankings with link building. The easiest ways to build links are with article marketing, directory submissions, forum postings, and blog commenting.

These top five tips for higher rankings can really make magic happen, as your website rises up through the search engine results. Want to learn more about increasing your search engine rankings or need an expert with the skills to get you to the top? Contact Seattle SEO Consultant today!

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