21 January 2011

If you’re ready to increase your Seattle business  through social media, these few tips will help you set the stage for success.

There is a whole lot of buzz out there, not just on Social Media, but about the explosion of Social Media. Social Media is loosely defined as a Web Platform that is designed to allow individuals and groups to share user generated content.

In some ways the entire Internet is Social Media. In the very beginning, when the Advanced Research Projects  Agency was trying to invent a way for scientists to keep in touch with one another over the old ARPANet, it didn’t take long until the scientists began talking about the weather and sharing gossip.

Pick One Username

When opening your Seattle social media accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and more, it’s important to decide on a name first and then to stick with that name through all of the different platforms. If you have one name that follows you to each different social media platform, your audience will always be able to find you.

Use One Image

In addition to using one username, it’s also a good idea to use one image throughout all of your social media Seattle profiles. Consistent images make it easier for people to instantly find and recognize you on different social media websites.

Try Several Platforms

Don’t put all of your efforts into just one social media platform. The best way to build a real community is by having a presence on different platforms. You may even increase your results by taking advantage of smaller local social media Seattle platforms that only have a few thousand users instead of millions of users. You should also include any social media platforms popular within your industry.

Stick With Just A Few

While you want to choose several platforms to get the most out of your social media efforts, you should also make sure you don’t choose too many. If you can’t keep up with 40 social media profiles, don’t create them. Neglected profiles that haven’t been updated in months can do more harm than good as people might think you also neglect your business.

Don’t Overdo It

Although you should be active in your social media efforts, you don’t want to overdo it. Only update when you have something to say, and never update your social media Seattle profiles just for the sake of updating. Posting 50 updates on Twitter per day that really have no value is a sure way to get people to stop following you.

You Must Interact

Being successful with social media all comes down to interacting with your friends and followers. Don’t just post updates — interact with your friends and followers as well. When they ask questions, post an answer. Follow up when they post a comment. The whole point of social media is interaction. The more you interact, the more exposure and benefit you’ll get from your Seattle social media efforts.

If you’re not sure how to get started in Seattle social media, or you need a social media expert to help you manage your profiles, posts, and updates, contact Seattle SEO Consultant today for a Free Half Hour consultation with Social Media expert Chad Morgan.

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