28 January 2011

Sometimes when I mention adding blog commenting to a client’s Seattle SEO marketing strategy, their first response is… “Blog commenting is a marketing strategy?” I always reply… “Yeah, it’s a great strategy!” It really is, and in this post I’ll tell you why.

Why Leave Blog Comments?

So how can commenting on someone else’s blog work in your favor? Three words:

Participation Brings Popularity

And we all know what online popularity brings:

Traffic And Sales

The desire to record one’s thoughts has been with us probably since the dawn of writing. For centuries, this has been done in secrecy by keeping secret diaries. Of course, sooner or later, someone will find a secret diary (usually a little brother or the boy you have a crush on, if Sit-Coms can be believed) and then Secret Diaries aren’t going to be secret any longer.

Blogging, of course, is not meant to be kept secret, it is meant to be shared with as many readers as you can get. The proof for the blog author that people care about what he says are blog comments.

Even in this world of commenters who contribute nothing but spam on blogs, participating by posting VALUABLE blog comments can still bring you a good amount of popularity from blog owners, blog readers, and even from the search engines as well.


Blog comments that include a link to your website also bring you traffic, especially when the comment includes informative content that makes the reader want to click through to your website to learn more. Yeah… I’m saying blog comments are a great source of DIRECT TRAFFIC straight from SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG. They do the work getting the traffic to their blog, and then you take advantage of their hard work when visitors click through to visit YOUR website simply because you left an awesome comment. (Even if you can’t leave a URL or anchor text link, you can still use your URL as your commenter name — SeattleSEOConsultant.com says…, for example.)


Blogs that allow dofollow coding for keyword anchor text links not only offer you direct traffic from a blog, but also result in your blog comment being indexed and ranked in the search engines. This means your comment will rank and will help increase the overall rankings of your website.


Want an easy way to brand yourself as an expert? Blog commenting is FREE branding 101. Heck, I even know a guy who ended up as a commenter in a big newspaper article that was picked up by a major news website just because a journalist liked a blog comment he posted on someone else’s blog. (And the article included his website URL, so he got tons of traffic and sales along with a whole heap of free branding just for taking the time to post that one valuable blog comment.)

If you’re looking for a great way to increase your popularity, traffic, rankings, branding, and even your sales, consider blog commenting as an ideal Seattle SEO marketing strategy. In my post next week, I’ll talk about how to create the perfect blog comment.

Want more information on blog commenting or looking for someone to create a blog commenting or other Seattle SEO marketing strategy to boost your business? Contact Seattle SEO Consultant today for a free half-hour consultation with Chad Morgan. (Now bring on the comments!)

UPDATE: Here’s part two of this post – 8 Blog Comment Posting Tips.

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