4 February 2011


If you haven’t read my last post, Blog Commenting Is A Marketing Strategy, please click to it check out. In that post, I covered why I think blog comment posting is a great marketing strategy. In this post, I’ll look at how to write blog comments that produce the best results for any Seattle Internet marketing campaign.

Read The Blog

This might sound obvious, but don’t get caught up in blog comment posting without first reading a few pages of the blog you’re going to post on. This will spark ideas for writing a valuable blog comment that truly suits the blog owner, and interests other blog comment readers enough to where they may click through to visit your website. Who knows? If your comment really fits in with the blog owner’s vision, you may even get interviewed or asked to create a post of your own for the blog.

Read Other Comments

Before you post blog comments, it’s critical that you take a few minutes to read the other comments. If you’re going through the trouble of creating a blog comment, you want to make sure your time isn’t wasted by posting something the blog owner will just delete. This also gives you an idea of the type of community commenting on the blog. Are they friendly and helpful? Are they argumentative and controversial? You want to fit in to ensure the best outcome.

Keep In Brief

Don’t write one huge long paragraph. Why? Because nobody will read it ! People typically avoid reading long blocks of text, no matter how potentially valuable the information.

After writing the rough draft for your blog comment, start cutting it down to just the essential information. A good blog comment is longer than a Twitter post, but short enough to where the reader won’t avoid it or get lost or bored halfway through.

Make A Point

Don’t just ramble on or post things like, “Great post… thanks!” If you don’t have a point to make with your comment, it won’t do you much good. If you’re just looking for links, I guess a post like that would be okay (although it could end up deleted), but if you’re looking to post blog comments to enhance your Seattle internet marketing campaign, there needs to be a point to your blog comment.

Never Just Leave A Link

Just leaving a random link without a reason is a sure way to not get clicks and possibly get your link deleted. It’s blatantly promotional and won’t likely do much for your Seattle internet marketing campaign. For example:

Leave A Comment:


Seattle SEO Consultant


One Backlink Please

Don’t include a bunch of backlinks when you post blog comments. One will do. If you absolutely must link more than once in your blog comment, make sure it’s a relevant reference or you risk getting deleted.

Use Your Name And Photo

Using your real name and photo is a great way to get people interested in your comment. Photos of real people draw other people like a magnet. If you don’t want to use your photo, consider using your logo instead of a cartoon avatar or random image if you want to be taken seriously. People are also more likely to click through if you use your real name. For example: using my name Chad Morgan instead of using something cheesy like TopSEOGuruInSeattle or something computer generated looking like CM4Ft7S.

Don’t Try To Be Tricky

I would not post blog comments on an ice cream making website, for example, which give the impression that if people click through to visit Seattle SEO Consultant, they’re going to find a ton of ice cream recipes. You shouldn’t either — not if you want to use your blog comments as a valuable part of your Seattle Internet marketing strategy. People don’t like to be tricked.

Keep these tips in mind and go post some blog comments — it’s a great marketing strategy!

Not sure how to get started with blog commenting, or just don’t have the time to do it yourself? Seattle SEO Consultant can do it for you! Click or call (888) 574-6067 and schedule a free half hour consultation today!

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