14 January 2011

Search engine optimization and high rankings aren’t the only effective way to boost your online business.

While SEO and high rankings are without a doubt the best way to get people TO your website, you’ve got a huge money leak if you aren’t capturing visitor email information so you can continue to market to them long after they LEAVE your website.

This post looks at a few Seattle email marketing tips for writing emails that turn into clicks and sales.

Include Several “Calls To Action”

A call to action is simply where you tell the reader exactly what to do in order to learn more or to make a purchase. While it might sound a little crazy that you need to tell people to do this in today’s customer savvy world, the old-fashioned call to action is still a winner. Like this:

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Whether you use a basic tried and true call to action link like CLICK HERE FOR… or CLICK TO BUY NOW… in your emails, or you come up with a fancier way that includes in-depth explanations or graphics, telling readers WHAT TO DO NEXT really works!

Don’t wait until the end of your Seattle email marketing to include a call to action — add a call to action at least three times within your email. Why? Because while some readers will read your emails all the way to the end, others will be ready to click through after reading the first paragraph.

Don’t lose the people that are ready to act by making them read all the way to the end of your email for a call to action!

Provide Several Contact Options

In addition to including three calls to action in your emails, give readers a number of ways to contact you at the end of your emails. Showing you’re open to whatever form of contact is most convenient for your readers will build their trust.

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Unless you’re a huge corporation, never send emails that say something like “this email address is not monitored… do not reply to this email.” In addition, never just include one contact option. Include your website URL, email address, contact page link, phone number, Facebook link, Twitter link, and more.

The more ways a potential customer can contact you, the more likely you are to gain trust that results in sales!

Read Your Emails Aloud

ALWAYS read your emails aloud before sending them to your subscriber list! Reading something aloud opens a whole different world than reading silently in your head. I guarantee you’ll get better results with your Seattle email marketing if you take the time to read every email aloud.

Not only will this help you improve your communication skills because you’ll be able to write sentences that are clear and understandable, but you’ll so likely realize you’ve left things out of your emails.

Sending emails to your own opt-in email subscriber list is an easy way to make the most of your search engine optimization efforts. Don’t work so hard to get visitors and then let them be gone forever! Continue to market to them with Seattle email marketing.

I hope these Seattle email marketing tips will help you create an email campaign that brings you big profits.

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