5 March 2010

The most inexpensive way to get web traffic is with good search engine optimization and one of the easiest SEO tactics you can implement is optimizing the titles of different aspects of your website. By improving your titles so they attract the search engines like a magnet, you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings that can result in a surge of free web traffic. I discussed improving the HTML title tag of your website in my last post. In this post, I discuss improving your ranking to gain more free web traffic with some additional SEO naming tactics.

Title Images

When naming the images on your website, use keywords instead of generic titles like image1.jpg. The search engine spiders will pick up the keywords in your image titles when crawling your website’s HTML, offering you an easy way to add some good search engine optimization to your website to increase your free web traffic.

Title Links

Whenever you add a link to your website, you have the option of naming your link by giving it a title. Take advantage of this opportunity to use your keywords effectively by linking between the pages of your website with keyword link titles. Again, avoid using generic titles such as Contact Us, if you want to improve your ranking.

Title Pages

Another way to improve rankings by naming aspects of your website correctly is using keywords when naming each of the pages within your website. For example, instead of naming the About Us page of your karate school website asmywebsite.com/aboutus.html, use an appropriate keyword for the page such asmywebsite.com/seattle-karate-school.html.

Titles In Your Sitemap

Everyone knows the search engines love sitemaps because they provide a quick overview of your website. This makes sitemaps one of the best ways to increase your ranking to get more free web traffic. Unfortunately, sitemaps won’t help much if you continue to use generic names in the titles. For example, a sitemap for a karate school that looks like this won’t do much to improve rankings.

About Us
Contact Us

Good makeover for this sitemap might be:

Seattle Karate Home
About Seattle Karate School
Seattle Karate Classes
Learn Karate In Seattle

Names can mean a lot when it comes to improving rankings and increasing web traffic through good search engine optimization. Take a look at your website today to see if you’re due for some title changes.

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