19 March 2010

Successfully Promoting Your Business On Twitter

Some online businesses and internet entrepreneurs find great success by using Twitter, but others seem to work at it endlessly, never seeing positive results. If you talk to people doing well on Twitter, you’ll find a wide range of different tips for success, and many that contradict each other. While the following tips might not work for everyone, if you’re promoting your business on Twitter, you might want to give them a try.

Automating Your Posts

Remembering (and finding the time) to tweet every day can become a hassle when promoting your business on Twitter. That’s why automating your posts can ensure you keep up while also interacting personally with your followers. Schedule helpful and interesting Twitter posts using automation so you’ll still have a Twitter presence, even when you’re so bogged down you don’t even have a spare minute to post.

Automating your posts also helps you set up effective and organized campaigns. You can pre-write all of the posts in advance and then schedule their automatic posting to ensure a campaign that meets your goals instead of a campaign that gets off track because you’re writing your tweets on the fly.

Follow People Following You

You can always stop following someone, but if a person reaches out to you as a follower, it’s like a polite handshake if you follow them back. You can learn a lot about your followers by reading their tweets and it’s just a gesture of goodwill to follow them back. Stop following them later if you want, but always make your new followers feel special by following them back.

Promoting Your Business On Twitter

Many people say directly promoting your business on Twitter isn’t a good idea, but what’s the point if you don’t use it as a platform for promoting your products or services? All of your tweets shouldn’t say, “Click here to buy now,” but people don’t want to read constant tweets about “How your dog just did the cutest thing” either.

Use Twitter to pre-sell and provide tips and useful information along with your sales messages. Let your followers feel special to be the first to learn about your upcoming new product or about your latest advancement. You can include funny tweets about your dog too. Just remember, the people that clicked to follow you want to hear from you and sales information is usually welcome as long as it’s mixed with other tweets that build your relationship with your followers. They can always stop following you.

Successfully promoting your business on Twitter is all about building a relationship with your followers. If you keep that in mind along with these tips, you just might find success promoting your business on Twitter too.

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