2 April 2010

SEO For Blogs

SEO for blogs is just as critical as search engine optimization for websites. When it comes to SEO for blogs, these few basic tips can go a long way toward traffic and internet success.

Keywords Are Important

For your post to rank well, make sure you not only use your keyword in the content of your post, but also use it in the title of your post and in a subheading within your post. When writing the main title for your post, use your keyword at the beginning of the title to increase its search engine optimization. It’s also a good idea to start the content of your post with your keyword if it doesn’t sound awkward or to use it as close to the beginning of your post as possible. If you add an image to your post, titling your image with your keyword is a great way to increase SEO for blogs.

Write Quality Posts

Basic SEO for blogs might get you some traffic from the search engines, but quality content is what will keep people coming back… and you need that to have a successful blog. It may be easier just to slap up a PLR article or a generic post, but it won’t pay off. Your readers are also more likely to pass on the link to your content if it’s well written and provides valuable information.

Link Within Your Own Blog

You don’t want to do this in every post, but linking back to your past posts when appropriate provides great SEO for blogs. Make sure the links are relevant and that you use anchor text keywords in your link. In addition to providing SEO for blogs, linking within your own blog also helps new readers who may have missed the initial post.

Set Up RSS Autodiscovery

Making it possible for web browsers, feed readers, and other software to read your blog posts by setting up RSS autodiscovery provides great SEO for blogs. Not only will this bring you more traffic, but it will also allow people to subscribe to your feed so they automatically receive your new blog posts.

SEO For Blogs With Automatic Pinging

Set up automatic pinging on your blog so all of the search engines and directories receive a notice that you’ve made a new blog post.

These tips for implementing basic SEO for blogs are a good start toward getting traffic to your blog.

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