6 May 2011

If you’re like most people, you think Facebook is just a fun place to connect with lost loved ones, post funny stories, and check out the latest photos of your friends and family. While that’s a great way to use this innovative social media website, if you own a business, Facebook can also help you connect with a slew of potential customers.

Social Media Marketing is a lot like Search Engine Optimization, and not just because it is done over the Internet! The important difference is that SEO is about appealing to the robots that run the Google Search Algorithm. In Social Media Marketing, your are directly targeting real, living, breathing, mouse-clicking people.

This post offers a few tips on how you can successfully use Facebook in your Seattle social media campaigns to build a loyal following of friends that can also turn into paying customers for your business.

Create A Profile For Your Business

You won’t have to worry about friends and family being silly or posting things that may make a negative impression on potential customers if you create a separate Facebook profile for your business. Keep your personal profile for fun, friends, and family, and then create a separate page or group profile for your business.

Use Your Profile As A Pressroom

One of the first ways you should use Facebook is as a pressroom where you announce important news about your business. Whether it’s a link to a press release or news story, written updates about a new product or service you’re releasing, or a coupon announcing a big sale, Facebook works great as an interactive pressroom where you broadcast your business news.

Coordinate Events And Seminars

If you host live or online events and seminars in your business, you can not only use Facebook to send out invitations, but you can also gather RSVPs to track your invitees and prepare for the exact audience in attendance. You can even send attendance reminders through Facebook, and can allow attendees to talk with you or each other on Facebook throughout your event or seminar.

Get A Little Personal

While you want to use Facebook in a professional fashion, it’s okay to get a little personal every now and then on your business page. You can even answer questions posted by potential customers, add related information that may interest your readers, and share fun photos of your business and employees.

When it comes to attracting customers for your business through Seattle social media, Facebook has a lot to offer, so get out there and get involved.

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