18 April 2013
Local SEO

Local Search SEO

Right now, a massive movement is reshaping the world of business and commerce. If you work with a local business, this movement is affecting you and your business. This massive movement is local SEO. Few things are more important for the continued success of your business in the upcoming...

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7 February 2013
joomla search engine optimization

Joomla SEO Tips

Joomla and SEO Let’s get one thing clear. Joomla isn’t exactly the most SEO-loving CMS out there. Now, don’t go all panicky on me and rewrite your entire site on WordPress. It is fine as CMSs go. In fact, there are more than 2 million Joomla sites on the...

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4 January 2012

Predicting Panda

Google Panda is a search algorithm update released by Google on April 11, 2011. It is designed to filter search rankings so that only high-quality results reach the first pages. The changes to the algorithm are based on surveys taken to determine desirable and undesirable page characteristics. This new...

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