18 December 2011


Seattle SEO services are about a lot more than just adding keywords to your website. It’s about creating a big picture strategy for success, and that involves much more than just a website design, just onsite optimization, or just marketing your website.

It all starts with dividing your budget and then making strong choices when it comes to creating your website, choosing keywords, and using them. This post looks at five different ways to create a solid search engine optimization presence for your website.

Your Budget

For the best, most well rounded strategy, split your budget into three categories: website design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. Then you’ll be prepared for a truly comprehensive marketing push instead of putting your budget into just one strategy.

Remember that budgeting involves both financial and time resources. Even if you are outsourcing the work on your web marketing, at the end of the day the site is representing YOUR business.

Your Website

A good strategy involves more than just creating a flashy website full of keywords. It’s also about creating a website that’s easy for customers to understand and navigate. If people can’t figure out how to use your website, or if it’s slow to load, they’ll leave.

Your Keywords

Spend plenty of time doing your keyword research to ensure your keywords don’t only bring in traffic, but that they bring in targeted traffic that is ready to buy. Stay away from generic terms like “shoes” or “computers” because you’ll never hit page one with them.

Pay more attention to long tail keywords because consumers and search engines are learning to like them. A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase which contains three of more words, such as “stainless refrigerator prices”. Searchers know that this yields a more focused and specific search engine result.

More important for business website owners, long tail keywords are used by consumers who are ready to make a purchase.

Your Content

Once you have your keywords, use them in your content, but make sure you use them naturally. If your content is keyword stuffed, it’ll be awkward to read. If it’s awkward to read, visitors will click the back button to exit your website. Edit for misspellings and other errors to ensure making the best impression on visitors.

Your Meta Information

You should also make sure you include your keywords in your meta information: your meta title, meta description, and meta keywords tags. The easier you make it for the search engines to figure out what your website is about, the higher you’ll rank.

Your Sitemap

Speaking of the search engines, make sure you add a sitemap to your website. Include a link to your sitemap in your navigation or in the footer of your website. Both the search engines and humans appreciate a good sitemap.

Keep these tips in mind, and contact Seattle SEO Consultant if you’d like to learn more. We invite you to schedule a Seattle SEO services consultation with expert Chad Morgan. It’s a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation that can help build your SEO strategy.

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