2 April 2010

SEO for Blogs

SEO For Blogs SEO for blogs is just as critical as search engine optimization for websites. When it comes to SEO for blogs, these few basic tips can go a long way toward traffic and internet success. Keywords Are Important For your post to rank well, make sure you...

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19 March 2010

Twitter for business

Successfully Promoting Your Business On Twitter Some online businesses and internet entrepreneurs find great success by using Twitter, but others seem to work at it endlessly, never seeing positive results. If you talk to people doing well on Twitter, you’ll find a wide range of different tips for success,...

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15 September 2009

blog commenting still a buzz?

Blog Commenting Still a Buzz? Blogs, love them or hate them? Blogs are popping up everywhere nowadays. A lot of people are getting more and more into the subtle practice of getting the “word” out, for profit, for fame or for just satisfying a simple hobby. A lot of...

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29 August 2009

social media traffic: you know you want it!

So you’ve been a busy bee lately trying to market your websites on a lot of hubs and directories online, and you seem to be getting the hang of it. That’s really great! You’re certainly following “the plan” for online success. Well here’s another strategy to add to your...

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