17 December 2010

We’re on the countdown to Christmas. Consumers, especially in “Brick and Mortar” venues, complain that the Christmas Holidays seem to start before the Halloween Candy is distributed. The Christmas season can be critically important to retailers because of Holiday Consumer enthusiasm as well as coming near the end of the calendar year.

Even though it may be a little late to earn big profits by implementing holiday website SEO strategies this close to Christmas if you haven’t already done so, I think it’s a great time to talk about it.

Why? Because holiday website SEO can work for ANY holiday, not just Christmas. Whether you’re optimizing for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, or any other holiday, you’ll take a step toward dramatically increasing your sales by implementing some good holiday website SEO.

Besides, Christmas is a little like baseball. No matter how you do this year, you can always make plans to improve next year.

This post looks at how you can cash in big by optimizing your website for holiday buyers in just a few simple steps.

Keyword Research For Holidays

Good keyword research is your best friend when it comes to holiday website SEO. Head over to the Google Keyword Tool or use your favorite keyword tool for some SEO research.

Start by making a list of holiday phrases that go well with your existing keywords. Good options might include the word ‘holiday’ or even the name of your specific holiday. For example, “holiday sale,” “valentine gift deals,” “free halloween shipping,” or “mothers day discounts.”

Make sure you look for actionable words to include as well, such as “buy,” “purchase,” “order,” “gift,” and more.

Then add your holiday keywords to your existing keywords. For example, if your website sells computers, “holiday computer deals” might be a good choice.

Holiday Website SEO

Once you have your list of holiday keywords, create a separate landing page for each keyword with the keyword in the page title, and leave that landing page up year round.

Don’t just upload it a few weeks before your target holiday. That way your page continues to work for you and you continue to strengthen your holiday website SEO even when you’re a year away from the holiday.

After creating landing pages for your holiday keywords, build links to those pages using your holiday keywords to increase your traffic. Add some holiday posts to your blog with links to your holiday website SEO landing pages.

You blog and your social media accounts are terrific tools to share holiday greetings with your customers and potential customers. The type of greeting you will send depends upon the target audience each social media page is trying to reach. This should not be a case of “faking sincerity”. Keep your holiday greeting sincere and genuine; false sincerity is death in social media any time of the year.

These are just the basics of optimizing your website to cash in on holiday buyers. To learn more or to get started with your own holiday website SEO campaign, contact Seattle SEO Consultant for a free, no-obligation consultation today!

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